Allow me to introduce myself.

I began knife making when my youngest son wanted a Hartsfeld Tanto for Christmas. At that time I could not really afford an $800 Christmas gift, was not at all familiar with the field, and didn't understand why a custom knife could be worth that much money.

I happended into Bob Engnath's Blades'N'Stuff and acquired several of his blades and finished them for my son somewhat in the style of Hartsfeld. I thought they were rather pretty, and being made of ATS-34 and heat treated by Paul Bos they were more knife than I had seen before.

My son was impressed, and I made many more knives based on Bob's ground blades.

Several years later I acquired a fine knifemaker's belt grinder from John LeBlanc and began grinding my own blades. Two years ago I met Mike Alexander and was introduced to the addiction of forging and making pattern welded materials.

I make a variety of knifes ... stainless steel hunters and skinners, kitchen knives, and small swords as well as damascus hunters, daggers, fighters, and small swords.


If you find something interesting here, I'll be happy to work with you to so that you receive something you really like and will enjoy owning or using!

Contacting Me:


phone: (304) 965-7680


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