Here are some examples of knives provided to users:

A knife based on Grind's Lum's Boot ... in ATS-34 with mosaic pins and micarta scales. Very, very business like! Available for show (in damascus patterns) or go (in ATS 34 or 440V).

Everyone has to make the obligatory drop point hunter. My style is pretty, sturdy, durable, and very sharp. One of the most enduring of all designs because it works so well in the field. Works best with Nickel silver guard, micarta, and mosaic pins. Available in ATS 34, 440V, and various damascus patterns.

I provide a wide variety of daily use knives ... that last in the toughest environment in the world ... the kitchen. This is a small ATS-34 Chef's knife with mosaic pins and micarta scales.

A blade ground by Bob Engnath ... called a Martial Arts Tanto. Awesome and wonderfully balanced! Will not be available for some time. Available in either light or heavy weight in 440C stainless or OCS carbon steel.

As a practical matter, good knives find most use in the kitchen and the field. Below is my standard hunting knife pair with mosaic rather than stainless steel pins. It is supplied with a Kydex scabbard suitable for the pack. Good size for Whitetails and larger game.