Good facilities are available to assist in the delivery of high quality metal products including:

Large, 13" gear head standard lathe.

Medium 10" lathe

A 6" lathe for pin and handle work.

Two standard vertical milling machines with DROs and rotary indexing equipment

A 6" x 18" Surface grinder.

Hardness testing equipment

Four variable speed 2 x 72" belt grinders ranging from 1 to 5 hp with flat grinding plattens and wheels from 3 to 10".

Variable speed disk sanders.

Material stabilization equipment.

Industrial shot peen cabinet AC/DC, MIG, and TIG welding capability as well as the usual little stuff like digital measuring tools, angle grinders, chop saw, reliable compressed air, and so on.


While good shops don't make good craftsmen ... they surely make craftsmanship easier.