Materials A discussion of the steels used for knife making

Examples of Pattern Welded (Damascus) Steels

Woods A good image of a some woods used in knife making

Examples of Ironwood grades

Tool Plans

Mike Alexander's Grinder Plans

Salt Pot plans

Mike Alexander's Scribe Plans

Mike Starling's Knife Vise Plans

Press Mods

Modifications to the Batson Hydraulic Press design to allow using both the length and width of the dies.

Tuning a Powerhammer for Controllability

Machinist Data: Charts containing handy data for machining operations


Links To Some of the Nicer Sites in Knifemaking!

The On-Line Knive Show

Engnath Memorial Site

Dr. H.

Don Fogg

Scott Slobodian Swords

Admiral Steel

Silver Smithing (restoration and conservation products)

Display Boxes

Knife Bookstore

K&G Supplies

Sword Forum