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Mike Alexander and Mike Starling hand make fine knives from a variety of carbon, stainless, and pattern welded (Damascus) steels. We've worked, built and share some major tooling and facilities. Our work and some information about the tools and techniques of the craft are available on this site

Our Appreciation

The beauty and grace of fine tools as made by some of the greats in the community sparked our initial interest and continue to inspire us to their extraordinary quality of design and execution. The maker's community is unusual in that many share their great insights and wonderful skills. We'd like to thank those many good folks and name just four:

Bob ("Grind") Engnath Probably the most influential person in modern knife making ... he shared his great knowledge, skill and patience with a huge number of aspiring makers over the years. We are all lessened by his passing.

Dr. Jim ("Dr. H") Hrisoulis His books and videos have piqued the interest of many potential makers of pattern welded blades ... including us.

Larry ("Yoda Possum") Harley Few have taught so much with so few words.

Darrel Ralph Who passed along the "secrets" so freely and taught "Everything is easy"

Over Time

We'll add several sections on the Craft of Knifemaking ... to repay in some small way the kindness of those who have gone before.